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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Nigerians want Trump to send Georgina Onuoha back to Naija after what she wrote about US president

Nollywood actress,Georgina Onuoha  has called out the President of United States of America (USA) Donald Trump. The actress who is currently based in the US seems really pained about the happening as she claims that Donald Trump has a specialty in getting married to ‘b*mbos’. She also stated none of the president’t wives have a skill or formal education of any sort.
See some of the reactions her post garnered below:
“Start packing your load to Nigeria because I want to send your IP address to USA H.Security” — one commenter wrote.
Second commenter took it very personnel and wrote; Stupid talk, must you insult his wife? You’re are not even close to her house helps, she speaks 5 Languages and how many can u speak since u claim she’s not educated are u more educated than she is? She’s more classy than u can ever be, richer than your whole Generation, she can even buy your village if she wants to. How dare you insult her like that, you’re not even half the woman Donald Trump Daughter Ivanka Trump is and you’re here typing shit. Focus on your country President Buhari that has been a way for more than 2 months now, rather than seeking cheap popularity by insulting President Donald Trump, with your dead acting carrier. You’re a nobody bitch, nobody even knows you in your village and u think your insultive opinion about American politics matters. Talk about your country Nigeria, you irrelevant hoe. American citizen my ass… U will soon be deported to your village.
Another wroteWhy you dey take paracetamol for another man headache? Na by force to live in another man country ? How many times have you talk about your own President Buhari? Typical Nigerian woman. You are too engrossed in trying to tell another person how to manage his household when your own house is in disarray, madness… Where is Buhari?
Well I think otherwise, With what’s going on around the world today it’s only a foolish leader folds his hands and his country run over by criminals and terrorists, all in the name of migrants or immigrants. President Trump remains one of the best gifts to the world,wrote another
See Georgina Onuoha post below:

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