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Monday, 28 August 2017

Improve Your Eyesight - Simple Foods And Fruits You Should Be Eating

The need to improve your eyesight is daily on the rise. We keep our eyes glued to books, laptops, phones, and other devices. We tend to forget that too much exposure to such devices, screens, and reading under poor lighting tends to have a major impact on our eyes over time.
The good news is there are various ways to improve your eyesight; from eating the right foods to simple exercises, following some set rules to prevent, correct and treat these problems. We’ll be discussing a few of these things below.
More than 25 million people worldwide are affected by age-related degenerations and cataracts. These diseases are often caused by oxidation and inflammation of the eyes. However, research has shown that foods rich in lutein and zeaxanthin can reduce the risk of chronic eye diseases. Such foods include;


improve your eyesight
Corn contains lutein and zeaxanthin, cooking corn increases the lutein and antioxidant levels per serving. It can be enjoyed whichever way you like it.


Eggs are packed with nutrients such as lutein, vitamin E, and omega 3s, in addition to other nutrients and vitamins.


Citrus fruits like oranges are packed with loads of vitamin C that improves our eye tissue. According to the Age-Related Eye Diseases Study, a major clinical trial sponsored by the National Eye Institute in the eye stated that vitamin C may also help regenerate other important antioxidants, such as vitamin E.

Sweet Potatoes

improve your eyesight
Sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, they can be enjoyed as a fried snack, boiled, tossed into sauces, mashed or however you like them. This is also a root vegetable that should be taken lightly.


Perfect to be consumed on-the-go, anywhere and anytime. They are rich in vitamin A, and they help to protect the vision. They also contain vitamin C and E that help to reduce the impact of cataracts and age-related degeneration. Feel free to experiment with it, as a salad ingredient, eaten fresh among other incredible ways to enjoy this veggie.

Bell Peppers

improve your eyesight
This would come as a surprise to people because most people see peppers as an ingredient that makes the eyes and nose water. You are probably wondering how this can help the eye, well, did you know that bell peppers can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer as well as age-related degeneration? It is packed with 100% of the daily recommended value of vitamins A and C.
It is packed with 100% of the daily recommended value of vitamins A and C. They are fat-free and have low calories so you don’t have to worry about that.


Garlic is a very strong, enhancing and wonderful spice added to meals. It has been known to have a lot of health benefits. It is rich in sulfur, which helps the body produce antioxidants that can protect the eye lens.

Dark Chocolate

For people who are seriously into chocolate, we have just given you an excuse to go all savage on it. It has been shown to improve eyesight protecting the blood vessels in your eyes, strengthen your eye lens and cornea as you age.


improve your eyesight
This vegetable is rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene which helps in eye-boosting. It can be cooked and added to pasta, eggs or sauces.

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