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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Depressed Mom & Wife Finally Hangs Self After So Many Attempts

A fun-loving millionaire’s wife hanged herself after arguing with her husband about her sleeping pill addiction.

Sharon Halliwell, 48, took her own life just weeks after returning from a holiday where she had attempted suicide.

The devoted mother-of-two, from Wigan, Greater Manchester, had a longstanding addiction to sleeping pills and ordered them in bulk off the internet, an inquest heard.

An inquest heard she had been expecting a referral to a psychiatrist upon her return from jetting off on a month long trip to Singapore, Dubai and Malaysia with her husband.

The grandmother was found dead by Mr Halliwell at the bottom of her stairs in her £200,000 home after sending him messages the night before that ‘she would be gone by the morning’.

Mr Halliwell told the inquest at Bolton Coroners Court: “I would say that we had the close to perfect family.

“Throughout most of her life Sharon enjoyed relative good health.

“She did have problems with OCD but did seek treatment for her condition. She suffered anxiety and depression which became worse then the girls left the family home.

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