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Thursday, 3 August 2017

10 Lucrative jobs with Huge income in Nigeria

A lot of people  often ask if they can survive  without a paid job while some fear they won’t last for a week without their paid jobs. 
There is a saying that "you can’t begin a journey without  a step".  You can’t be your own boss if you don’t  take  a bold step in finding out what to do. Top richest people  In the World today  are people who don't work under someone meaning they employ even graduates to work for them,But I must say the dirtiest job brings the highest income especially in Nigeria today.
We are going to  be taking  a look at 10 dirtiest jobs that doesn't require much investments and  results to lots of profits.  
1. Sale of snacks
Most people  who goes out definitely wants to eat something before coming home and majority of them  doesn't goto canteens to eat because they prefer eating snacks than our normal home cooked meals.
I often go out  and find out in the market place, people running the business and employing workers .Our message to the youths is Why don’t  they let their ego aside  and make a lot of money by engaging in such business.   The business  Doesn’t  need much capital to start and I am sure if they venture into it,they will surely benefit.
2. Cross dressing
A lot of people  won’t go with the idea of cross dressing  some will say it is a very barbaric act.  But I must say if u want to be famous  and popular  you must do things out of the extra ordinary.
You have to forget what people  say and think  of the bigger picture  of  what is in it for you. 
Cross dressing can make you very famous  there is no doubt that you will have a lot of haters but the point  remains that they still comment about and  share stuffs about either good or bad. 
As a cross dresser you can actually  use this opportunity to sell what ever brand you want to see and be rest assured that people will buy it for even higher price.  Continue reading tomorrow  for another  insight
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