Perhaps, only few women, including men, would remain in one piece after experiencing what Ms. Calista Offor, 45, has gone through in the hands of her ex-husband, 50-year-old Felix Oshai.
For a woman who worked hard to build a thriving company, had good cars and did well for herself, but now living at the mercy of well-wishers because her husband (allegedly) arrived from the United States and hijacked her company, sold two of her cars, took the remaining one for himself, gave her serious beating, converted her properties into his and worst still, married their sales girl, her emotional and psychological wellness can only be imagined.
When our correspondent visited her where she now resides in Lagos during the week, her story is one that could make anyone cry, more so that she alleges that the same man has not stopped humiliating and threatening her as each day passes by. She made strenuous efforts to hold back tears from rolling down her cheeks throughout the conversation, thus every word came out with so much effort and pain.